Monday, January 12, 2009


Uncooked parsnip
This is what it looks like after it has been cooking

I am not sure what it is call in Bahasa Malaysia. I have never cook parsnip before and at first we thought it is lobak putih or sengkuang and I wonder if it would be nice if  I cook it as a filling for my spring rolls so we bought the parsnip and try to fry it like chips. It taste something like sweet potato. I don't really likes the tastes but hubby loves it. Anyhow, I am quite choosy when it comes to vegetables because since small I don't really like to eat vegetable only after I got married, then only I learn how to eat it and I only eat certain vegetables.

Method : Slice the parsnip into thin slices. Soak the parsnip in hot water for 30 minutes. Add 1tbs of salt into the hot water. After 30 minutes, drain it and fry it in hot oil until brown.

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